• Natalie Smith

What is the role of an Estate Management company? 

Estate Management has become a vital role in the management of complexes in recent years. Estate Management is the process of facilitating a hassle-free, secure, well-maintained residential living environment. Estate Managers ensure the effective and efficient management of complexes through daily management, qualified experience and expert advice. Estate Management services support the Trustees or Directors in accomplishing on site requirements and are crucial in ensuring a well maintained, well run complex that allows for contented living and a harmonious complex lifestyle. They operate the complex on behalf of the board, including all the day-to-day management of the site, overseeing of contractors such as security and gardening services, communicating with residents and the trustees, site inspections, ensuring conduct rules are adhered to and managing residents who do not adhere to the conduct rules, maintenance planning, managing large projects and daily maintenance, among other management services.

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